Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Lyndon LaRouche: Judge Rhodes’ decision is a crime against humanity

In his weekly webcast Lyndon LaRouche, in his usual blunt style, gave the toughest assessment I’ve see yet of the decision on Detroit’s bankruptcy case by Judge Stephen Rhodes.
To date, LaRouche has been the only public person I’m aware of to publicly acknowledge the obvious. The question takes the form of a moral issue and if you ignore the moral issue- is what they did in Detroit in this operation you are going to find out you’re going to destroy your own society. –but that’s the intention. This has happened before…genocide to eliminate a problem.
So the very idea of what comes out of that Detroit determination, so far, is actually a crime against humanity; a crime at the highest level of crimes; the worst kind of crime. The very fact that that judge would make that proposal is a crime against humanity, because, what if he succeeds? Is he not a murderer? Is he not willfully taking life - human life? He’s a murderer. And under any decent law he would be considered such.
The above statement becomes completely obvious when looking at a court opinion that stated Kevin Orr did not negotiate in good faith, falsely asserts that pension debts are no different than other deaths, and gives no weight to the fraud involved with the investment swaps. The judge, in essence, told Detroit retirees, who after a lifetime of service to Detroit and who are not eligible for social security, to just go away and die. What else would the judge reasonably expect to happen after he severed the economic lifeline and health insurance of retirees now too old to go back to work?
So what you’re dealing with with these guys, these Detroit guys, these are the worst enemies of humanity. They are the same thing as Adolf Hitlers many times over and they should be treated as Adolph Hitler’s many times over. Because that’s the practical effect of the role they play. What you’ve got from this judge in Detroit – this man under real law – is a criminal.